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Rent car without driver

If you prefer to drive as car on your own – we can give you a car for self-drive. Our company has a wide choice of cars for rent. We can bring a car for you with a free delivery. To sign all documents takes just 5 minutes. After it you are free to explore our country! Car rent without driver will give you freedom in traveling and unforgettable pleasure in driving our cars. You can economy your money renting car without driver.
Toyota 4Runner305x165 toyota-sequoia 305x165
Toyota 4Runner
01 day – 110 $
03-06 days – 90 $
07-13 days – 80 $
14-29 days – 70 $
30 and more – 50 $
Toyota Sequoia
01 day – 120 $
03-06 days – 100 $
07-13 days – 90 $
14-29 days – 80 $
30 and more – 60 $
Lexus GX470 305x165 Lexus lX470a 305x165
Lexus GX470
01 day – 140 $
03-06 days – 120 $
07-13 days – 110 $
14-29 days – 90 $
30 and more – 70 $
Lexus LX470
01 day – 140 $
03-06 days – 120 $
07-13 days – 110 $
14-29 days – 90 $
30 and more – 70 $
Hello dear friends! Decided to visit amazing trio in Central Asia? Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are at your disposal. Now with our new services of car rent you can easily fit all these three beautiful countries in one enjoyable, but most important, safe and reliable trip. Our company based in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan has a solid reputation and have an excellent experience in organization of transfers, car rent, booking of hotels, organization of tours and others.

Do not hesitate to ask us the following services:

– Cars for rent with/without drivers
– Hotel booking
– Airport transfers
– Guides and excursions
– Reservation of restaurants and lounge bars
– Tour packages with visa and visa support
– Entertaining touristic activities: folklore show, eagle hunting show, felt show, etc

When travelling abroad especially in such countries as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan it is very important to find a reliable partner who can provide you the best possible services. So we assure you that we can be one of them. If you need you can drive to Almaty too. Also it is possible to travel to Dushanbe. Our clients, and partners always remain content with what we provide: auto for rent are always in excellent technical condition, have insurance if you decide to take a car without a driver. If you do not want to burden yourself wit driving remote distances you can ask for a an auto with driver. Our drivers are real professionals and know all the routes in their home countries. They are very supportive, knowledgeable and polite. So it will be comfortable if you rent a car for self- drive or with driver.

As soon as you get acquainted with our terms and feedback for our company send us an email we will immediately reach you. Trust our reputation and we will justify your hopes. Leave all the trouble of organization to us and simply enjoy your traveling in wonderful countries of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Join us!