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So many incredible and marvelous places may be proposed by us to you with using the service of car rent company. Today on the cars for rent market the leading role is accepted by our company. The suitable auto for your trip you may find in our car rent company. It does not matter what kind of trip would you like to have may be it is off-road tour or may be it is just a historical trip with driving in such cities as Bishkek which is the capital of Kyrgyzstan, as Almaty which is beautiful city of Kazakhstan and Dushanbe which is the capital of Tajikistan.

Nowadays the option is suggested you which means to mix all countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan and having the one remarkable tour. Our car rent company guarantee you the quality of the autos, easy conditions of renting which means we are working with the documents and surely the memorable places of visiting. Now the cars for rent are taken in Bishkek city, Almaty or Dushanbe and after the tour may you leave them there. Our top managers can consult you which places are the most interesting in visiting, but may be you have your own tour because you have read so much information about these three countries.

It is very easy for self-drive to elect appropriated cars for rent. Could we make you advice? It is better to rent the auto like Toyota 4Runner or Toyota Sequa. These are good autos for the mountain roads because of having memorable journey through Tien Shan Mountains. A lot of adorable places you can visit and with selecting them we can help you. It is necessary to write us a letter and we may arrange everything for you.

Or you have thoughts of visiting the second deepest and alpine lake which is placed in Kyrgyzstan and the name of it is Issyk – Kul lake. It is collocated at the altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. Lots of beautiful sites are rounded this lake such as Jeti Oguz gorge which name is interpreted as Seven Bulls. Lots of legends will be told by local nomads during the attendance of this gorge. Or you have thoughts of visiting historical places of Karakol city which are Russian Orthodox Church and Dungan Mosque. Or you have thoughts of sleeping in the yurt on the Song Kul Lake which is the place known to us as example of seeing a real nomadic life. Or you read too much information about beautiful places like Bulunkul, Khoroh, Murgab, Khudjant and surely you may visit them.