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Dear clients of our car rent company, we are happy to inform you that the new campaign has started. This is self-driving auto tour into the lands o Central Asia! You will be able to explore the territories of such countries, as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, which are among the most beautiful countries of Central Asia. Our car rent company advises you not to concentrate on only one country, but travel in three of them in order to create a full image of Central Asia. Our car rent company will help you in this journey from the first day and further on until the end of the self-driving auto tour. First of all we will make sure that you have the best cars for rent, which will never create the problems on the roads. Another thing is transfer from the airport and to the centers of such cities as Dushanbe, Almaty and Bishkek, because precisely from one of these cities you will start the exploration of Central Asian territories and precisely in these cities our auto renting company will be able to provide you with the cars for rent. Our branch offices are situated here, so as soon as you arrive we can start the auto rental agreements accept the money from you and then let you explore Central Asia, as you want. Our car rent company is able to accept money either in cash, by credit card or through a banking transfer. Therefore, do not hesitate and come here in order to carry out one of the best travelling in your life! In addition, our car rent company will help you with accommodation, by selecting the most appropriate variants. You will be offered the best hotels of Bishkek, Osh, Astana, Dushanbe, Almaty and other big cities of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan for very reasonable prices. So, choose our cars for rent and do not worry about the problems!